Meet Sean Ahern

Unique designer of functional objects & ornamental ironwork.

01. The Beginning

Where it all started.

Sean Ahern was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1976. His love of the arts began at a very young age. Intrigued with drawing, he found himself constantly sketching commonly found objects.

A shift of focus.

While studying at the Atlanta College of Art his focus became more connected with the sculptural/three dimensional side of the arts. Concentrating mostly in the medium of bronze and iron, Sean’s inspiration became the beauty of everyday elements. He began to incorporate the natural shapes and organic movement of his surroundings into his artwork. After graduating in 1998, he worked as an apprentice with local artists in Atlanta. Ahern then moved to France where he studied at L'École des Beaux-Arts in Saint Etienne. However, his passion for the ocean and beauty of the Lowcountry brought him back to Charleston in 2001.

The current space.

Ahern’s Anvil opened in North Charleston in 2002 where Sean began his unique design of functional objects and ornamental ironwork. His use of the interior and exterior of the available space allows him to design work that connects the architecture to the environment. He has been in his present location since 2006.

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